25 Side Hustles You Can Start Today To Make $1000 A Month


We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day, it’s what we do with it that differentiates us. Some of us have more demanding jobs or home lives, but thankfully, with today’s technology you can take on a second or third job and do it on your own down time.  Or decide to start a business and *poof* you have a business. You can get a website up and running in hours if you’re so inclined and you can find customers outside of your hometown, all over the world in fact!  Technology has made so much possible for us, I want you to take advantage of all the opportunities that are out there if you’re looking to kick debt in the face.  Listed below are 25 side hustles you can start today, and make up to $1000/month! 

It doesn’t matter which of these you go toward, if any or none, but choose something you enjoy so much that you can’t believe you can get paid to do it!


1. Uber/Lyft - Drive in your spare time helping others. Can you leave an hour or two early for work and get some time in then? Nights or weekends are usually the big money and busiest times, but ride-booking services are the thing now, don’t you know? And drivers report making somewhere between $20-$25 an hour on average.

2. Shipt or Amazon Flex - It’s all about how much you put into it to get out of it, but I’ve talked to people making over $250 a week doing these services on the side, 3-4 days a week.

3. GrubHub or DoorDash - These services are similar to Uber and Lyft, but instead of delivering people to places, it’s food from places that don’t typically do delivery.

4. Pet sitting - Create a profile on Rover.com or Care.com and start up your own pet sitting service. Do you know that Americans spent $69 BILLION dollars on their pets last year? Most of us treat our pets just like children, so it’s no surprise that people will spring good money to have their dog well cared for on a weekend away.

5. Babysitting - It’s not just for teenagers anymore. The going rates for babysitting in most markets is $10-$20/hour depending on the number of kids, city, hours, requirements, etc. You can easily pick up a few date night jobs and come home with $60-$100/night! Do you work night shifts or stay at home with the kids? What about offering to watch a friend’s child in your home? You can likely save them on daycare and bring in pretty good money for a day.

6. Buy and sell things on Craigslist and FB Marketplace - Ok, so this is crazy, but I’ve seen people make some serious BANK on buying things people can’t wait to get rid of and touching them up, cleaning them up or just reselling them at 200% profit on some items! It’s the legwork, but if you like to surf sales, deals and estate sales, this might be the side gig for you.

7. Buy clearance items and resell on Ebay and Amazon - I have a close childhood friend who did this for years. And personally, I’ve thought about it a time or two myself. I LOVE to shop a good deal. You can’t keep me from the clearance rack at Carter’s for my kids. I can get clothes so cheap sometimes between clearance and coupons that it doesn’t make sense to buy anything second hand….in fact, consignment sales usually look expensive to me! So if you’re a real couponer and shopper, consider taking your savings and reselling at still lower than market price for a profit. Win for everyone.

8. Find a legit work from home job - Moms aske me all the time how they can find a work from home job. I’ve come across these two websites - Ratracerebellion.com and Rev.com that offer completely legitimate WFH jobs. I understand that Amazon is beginning to hire for wfh jobs and I believe that UPMC has some jobs that can be done from home as well.

9. Mystery Shopping - Would it be your dream job to go out to eat and get paid? If you’re trying hard to pay off debt, you might be able to do just that. Restaurants are one of the most frequent users of mystery shoppers and typically will pick up the bill for going out in exchange for a report and compensation. Some don’t compensate, but reimburse you 100%. Check out Ath Power, Bestmark, and Market Force to name a few.

10. Online ads - This one is completely new to me but I’m happy to tell you about it! FB Ads Unlimited is a social media marketing company that specializes in Facebook Advertising. Claribel Cardona-Lassen says that it’s 100% free and it won’t affect your personal page one bit. In fact, she swears your friends and family will never see or know a thing. You can find Caribel on Facebook and can message her for more information.

11. Mowing lawns - Invest in a mower, hedger and a few other small pieces of equipment and you have yourself a fantastic business! You can make about $25/hour on average doing lawn maintenance, it just takes hard work and sweat equity.

12. Detailing Cars - There’s a guy down the street from us, on a main road who bought a neon sign last year. He advertised his website for auto detailing and he is CRUSHING it! I have never driven by where there isn’t a minimum of 3 cars, boats or RV’s in his lot/driveway. He has little room, plenty of supplies and zero excuses. He’s my hero.

13. Picking up Dog Poop….yup…it’s a thing! - This is what I tell every teenager who wants to start a business…seriously….wepickuppoop.com….if it’s not a website, it should be. People will pay serious dough to have their yards picked up. Again, you can easily make $25/hour on this one pricing by the yard size.

14. Find a craft and hobby you enjoy and monetize it - This is one of my favorites, but it takes a TON of sweat equity. Marketing yourself is a learning curve, but if you enjoy it, it’s not work at all!

15. Tutoring - Pick up some extra hours after school tutoring kids in your home, at the library or make a deal with a local shop to use their space. Let’s face it, there are a lot of kids who need extra attention and teachers have a special gift. The parents of your students will appreciate that they can use a tutor that their kids already know and love.

16. Monetize a talent of yours to teach - Can you play the piano or another instrument well? Can you skateboard well? Can you juggle? Fix cars? Almost anything that you can do very well can be monetized into a teaching format! Or maybe a performance format. Be creative and turn what you love to do into a side business!

17. Become a Virtual Assistant (VA) - This is quickly becoming another favorite of mine. I don’t have time or certain skills to do things in my business. I’m not good with the technological side of things. So a VA is someone who typically can be an extra arm for a business owner or specializes in one thing, like social media. There are so many ways to start a VA business, find your passion and specialty and start asking around for who needs help.

18. Deliver pizzas - Self explanatory…you might be working for someone else, but the money can be pretty amazing for a side gig.

19. Teach online to kids in other countries - This is another one becoming really big. Are you a morning person? This might be perfect for you! VIP Kids, QKids and TeachAway are just few of the companies hiring for this position to work from home.

20. Flip furniture (with or without paint) - This one totally blew me away, but why was I even surprised? One woman buys furniture that people are giving away or selling dirt cheap and cleans them, stages them and resells at an extreme profit.

Chalkboard paint and antiquing is very in as well right now. It’s a small investment in paint and the proper supplies as well as learning techniques, but once you make the initial investments of learning, you can take almost any piece of unwanted furniture and turn it into a desired treasure. I haven’t taken any of the courses available on techniques, but I watched a YouTube video and made my son’s bedroom furniture from gathering old family furniture before he was born. They’re the most special pieces we have and they didn’t turn out half bad.

21. Become a Looker - Wegolook.com is a website where you can become a “looker” for companies who need to have information validated. Often it is for an insurance claim, but jobs can pay anywhere from $12-$35 per job.

22. Rent your vehicle out on days you’re not using it - If you go to Fluid Truck, Turo, GetAround or similar sites, you can list your vehicle for rent by the day or hour, depending on the vehicle and the demand.

23. Cleaning houses - Do you enjoy cleaning and making a place smell and look good? There are a lot of services out there, but people like to use people they know and trust. You can start with as little as $20 in minimal supplies from the Dollar Tree or Walmart and get started. Make a few calls around your town or city to get the going rates.

24. Air B&B an extra room, your basement or loft space - I suggest both using Air B&B to save money when you go places as much as I do renting your own space out on the platform. Like anything else, it might be hard to get started, but provide excellent customer service, ask for reviews and you’ll be booked in no time.

25. Substitute Teacher - This really only works as a side gig if you work nights and/or weekends, but subs can make an average of $60-$80/day.

There’s so many more options out there than listed here for the entrepreneurial mind. And for those who aren’t, that’s ok too. You can always find a company you enjoy the atmosphere and would enjoy the benefits and discounts from Remember that if you’re doing this to get out of debt, it’s only for a season. Work hard and sacrifice now in order to win big later. I promise you, it pays off!