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Financial Coaching

As a financial coach, I teach my clients to make educated financial decisions by creating individual plans based on their personal values and goals.

Budgeting workshops

Sticking to a working zero based budget will help you achieve your personal goals quicker. If you’re in debt, I’ll show you some proven methods that will get you out of debt and to your financial goals faster.

Saving for College

Do you have a teen going to college in the next four years and are unsure of how to pay for it? It's never too early or late to talk about how to go to college debt free.  There are options from 0-18  that we can explore.


Kristen helped me put my budget together. She was non-judgmental and really helped put my finances and budget in perspective. Since then, I’ve paid off/cash flowed over $43,000 in debt and house repairs. I’m also set up to be completely debt free - including my house - in 6 to 7 years.
— J. H., Pittsburgh, PA
I can’t even tell you how much better I feel after leaving each meeting and phone call. I have a plan, I know my plan is on track and I’m hitting goals. I tell everyone I meet about Kristen.
— J.P., Pittsburgh, PA