Don't forget these 10 items in your September budget


I can't quite get a grip on the fact that September is almost here!  It's time for pumpkin everything to come out, sweater weather, nighttime bonfires and of course, Labor Day, signifying the end of summer has come.

And as always, the weekend leading up to the new month, it's time to sit down and reflect on how you did with August goals, set new goals for September and most importantly, create a September spending plan.


So without further ado, let's look at September's budget.

Top 10 things to remember for September

1.  School supplies and fees - These should have been budgeted for in August, but now's the time to catch any overflow or things forgotten.

2.  Fall clothes and shoes - you might have been waiting for Labor Day sales or maybe the summer bbq's got to your waistline, but if you need fall clothes, make sure you have it in your budget.

3. Labor Day - We also looked at this in August, but now it's here.  Need extra gas money for travel, cookouts or a last minute getaway?

4. CHRISTMAS - That's right...I said it.  As of September 1, Christmas is officially less than 4 months away.  In fact, as of my writing, it's 121 days away.  If you haven't started planning NOW is the time.  Take the total amount you plan to spend and divide it by 4 and stock that much away each month to spend.

5.  Birthdays/anniversaries/weddings - It didn't even register until now, it's our 3 year anniversary this month.  Awwwwwww.  Did you know that September is one of the most popular months for weddings?

6.  Winterizing expenses - Yes summer is just ending, but there will be snow on the ground before you know it!  If you have a pool to close down or a boat on the water, you'll need to start preparing for the costs to take care of them.

7.  Halloween - It'll sneak up quick and I know that some people put Halloween up as high as Christmas on the favorite holiday list.  And unbelievably, costumes, candy and decorations are already out.

8.  Tailgating - WE ARE PENN STATE!!!  And, Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!

9.  Quarterly bills - If you pay any of your bills quarterly (car insurance, water, sewage, taxes, etc), they're often due October 1st. 

10.  Family photos.  Being such a beautiful time of the year, fall is very popular for family photos and mini sessions to be offered. Take advantage of the scenery!


As always, every person and family is different.  You might not include all these in your budget and maybe I'm missing some things that should be listed.  What's in your spending plan for September?