6 years ago I was just like every other average Jane. Spending, enjoying, buying things I “needed” and “deserved”. I was single but dating my now husband. I was $26k+ in debt and drowning. $18000 on a car loan, $5500 on a personal loan from a credit card transfer and another $3000+ in other credit card debt (that I racked up after transferring it all once).  I was looking for second jobs and wondering what I could sell to make my bills the next month. I had zero clue where my money was going. I made decent money, yet I was broke and living beyond paycheck to paycheck.  

I thought a budget was laying out my bills.  I had no clue how to do a real budget although I’d had plenty of experience with corporate budgets.  I thought in terms of payments.  Famous last words – “I can afford that payment”.  I finally had enough and got angry with my situation to make drastic changes. 

In 15 months, I paid off all my debt. In 24 months total, I paid it off and jointly cash-flowed our entire wedding and funded my full emergency fund. After the wedding, we combined finances and got busy paying off debt he came into the marriage with (including the house we were living in).  

5 years since the beginning, we’ve had an amazing financial turnaround by getting and living debt free.  Our children will not know debt, I promise that every day. This is why I’ve become a financial coach. I want others to know and feel this freedom and success. Is it easy? No! Or everyone would do it! Does it require sacrifice? YES! Do we still have fun? Absolutely!! Fun doesn’t always mean having the newest and best. Sometimes we give up some things to have others. It’s about deciding what’s important to you and focusing there. 


About Me

Kristen is a Financial Coach who specializes in helping young families and small business owners develop and strengthen their money management skills, eliminate debt, create cash flow systems to maximize profit and ultimately build wealth.  By developing specific action plans that are tailored to each client’s needs, values and goals, it allows them to live and retire in ways they only thought they could dream.

Kristen is fueled by her passion to help others succeed and become financially free.  In her spare time, she is an avid runner and lifter.  She lives in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and two children.


A financial coach generally works with clients one-on-one in order to complete goals based on individual needs and values of the client.  Also sometimes referred to as a money coach, a coach is trained in areas of debt elimination, dealing with collectors, avoiding bankruptcy, building wealth and making sure clients are set up for success in protecting themselves and their loved ones. Financial coaching is confidential and is a judgement free zone where clients can address both current and upcoming financial issues and concerns in their lives.

As your coach, I focus on improving long term behaviors to create lasting results, facilitate decision making and improving financial situations. We will first create a customized plan according to your values, dreams and goals. We then provide you the tools and guidance to carry out that plan, become financially free and move onto the wealth building process.

Coaches DO NOT handle investments or insurance directly. Rather, I have surrounded myself by a team of experts who I trust and will refer clients to once they're in need of those people in their corner.